10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Caribbean

The Caribbean is full of fascinating islands, some of which have the most unique features in the world! We have compiled a list of 10 interesting facts about different Caribbean destinations that you may have not known about.

  1. Saba Island has the shortest runway in the world, measuring in at less than 1300 feet long.
  1. In Dominica, you can snorkel or dive in warm water that bubbles, making you feel as if you’re swimming inside of a champagne bottle. At Champagne Reef, underwater geothermal springs release gases in the forms of thousands of bubbles, creating a truly unique experience for all adventurers.
  1. The Dragon’s Breath Zip Line on Royal Caribbean’s (royalcaribbean.com) private island of Labadee in Haiti is the world’s longest over water, measuring 2600 feet.
  1. Pitch Lake, in Trinidad, is the largest of the world’s three natural asphalt lakes. The surface of the lake is semi-solid and can be walked on.
  1. In Havana, Cuba, the Coppelia ice cream parlor has been named the “busiest in the world.” The establishment can hold up to 1000 guests.
  1. Sandy Spit Island in the British Virgin Islands is also referred to as Corona Island because some of their commercials were filmed there. The only way to access this island is by private boat.
  1. There is only one volcano in the world that can be driven through, and it is located in Saint Lucia. Sulphur Springs is the hottest and most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles.
  1. The Dominican Republic was reported as the top producing Caribbean travel market in 2015, with Punta Cana as the most demanded destination.
  1. The out islands of the Bahamas feature large underwater cave systems, with the most famous being off of Andros island. When seen from the air, these caves appear to be large, circular blue holes set against the crystal clear water. They are some of the Bahamas most distinctive features and are a dream come true for divers.
  1. There are more churches per square mile in Jamaica than anywhere else on Earth, with 1600 churches in total in the country.