5 Health Benefits of Traveling to the Caribbean

Traveling is a wonderful part of life and can have a number of health benefits for your spirit and your mind. One of the top vacation destinations on earth is the beautiful Caribbean! What can travel to the Caribbean accomplish for your health?

1. Reduce your stress levels. Getting away to a relaxing tropical paradise can drop your stress levels instantly. Reducing stress is linked to a longer life, less heart attacks, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and overall better mental and physical health! According to the Huffington Post, the “Framingham Heart Study had been following generations of people and their lifestyle choices. Statistics from a twenty year study show that women who take at least two vacations a year are eight times less likely to have coronary disease.” And according to the New York Times, “men who fail to take a yearly vacation are 32% more likely to die of a heart attack than those who take advantage of their down time.” 

2. Increase serotonin production. Visiting the Caribbean for a vacation can increase brain serotonin – and that just makes you feel good and chases away the mental blues!

3. Change up your mental pace. Planning a fun trip to the Caribbean can change up your game and stimulate other areas of your brain. There is a lot of scientific research about keeping mentally sharp by exercising your mind, even while you are still “young,” and having it help keep mental dementia at bay as you age. According to Karen Matthews of the University of Pittsburgh’s Mind-Body Center, “leisure, including vacation contributed to more positive emotions and fewer negative emotions and depression.” 

4. Physical well-being. Vacations are full of opportunities to have some amazing exercise while seeing sights, learning new dance moves, and engaging in all kinds of recreational sports and activities. Destinations in the Caribbean offer so many choices, you’ll need multiple trips just to give everything a try!

5. Healthy relationships need time away from routine. Whether you travel with good friends or your sweetheart, time in a relaxing and fun paradise like the Caribbean can create wonderful new memories and strengthen bonds.

There are so many fabulous Caribbean destinations for all price budgets, it is a wonderful place to visit all year long, and you can find something really special, just for you, from so many choices.

Isn’t it time you took a vacation? The Caribbean is waiting for you!