Caribbean Island Destination Guide: Part 2

As part of our “Caribbean Island Destination Guide” series, here is part two of our three part series.

Known as The Nature Island, Dominica, is every diver and hiker’s dream.  With peaks of volcanic mountains and natural waterfalls and rainforests, this island is a few miles from Martinique and considered an unspoiled island of pure beauty.

The Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation with over 18,000 square miles and with approximately 10 million people.  With a mix of caves, Victorian gingerbread houses, this island is weather perfect and family friendly.

Located in the Eastern Caribbean, and only 100 miles north of Venezuela, Grenada features more than 45 beaches and countless activities like snorkeling or just relaxing, making this island the perfect getaway location. 

Known as the Butterfly Island, and situated southeast of Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe is an island of festivals. “Parties in the street” are common as well as colorful ribbons that are tied around the wrists to resemble the colors of the nation. 

Guyana, one of the few Caribbean countries that is not an island, is a paradise for nature lovers.  This tropical location is filled with amazing wildlife, natural beauty and Amazonian rainforests. 

Ah, Haiti!  This island is a rare and precious jewel of the Caribbean. Haiti is a piece of paradise that we don’t hear much about when we are thinking of a Caribbean vacation.  Many cruise lines stop on the northern coast for undiscovered forests and pristine beaches. Visit Haiti and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

At the center of the Caribbean sits Jamaicathe third largest island of the Caribbean. Jamaica consists of a nice mixture of elegant and posh resorts to more economical and urban cultural ones. The art lover will find beautiful artwork by visiting exhibitions of paintings and carvings that widely grace all parts of the island. Jamaica is best for great known for spicy Caribbean food and steel band music.

Do you want a little France in the Caribbean? Well, venture out to Martinique on your next vacation. Martinique is simply one of the Caribbean’s most cosmopolitan destinations. Coastlines lined with white-sand beaches and tropical rainforests, and there is plenty to enjoy. The volcano Mont Pelée looms over the harbor town of St-Pierre, known as the Pompeii of the Caribbean.

You can also “stay” in the US and visit Puerto Rico. From the historical attractions like Old San Juan to the lively side of town with beach resorts and elaborate casinos, this island will show you that there is more than just the ocean and sand.