Five Spots to Find Fantastic Food In Speightstown, Barbados

Located on the northwest coast of Barbados, Speightstown is a charming place with delicious Caribbean food sold in local restaurants and beach bars. Here are five of the best spots to satisfy your craving for fried fish, curry or sweet bread.

1. Fisherman’s Pub: If you’re looking for some authentic Bajan food, the Fisherman’s Pub should be your first stop. Mouthwatering fried fish, fish cakes, macaroni pie and plantains are just some of the menu items served canteen style from behind a glass display. Wash down the scrumptious meal with a Banks beer while enjoying the sea view.

2. Island Plates: Run by two sisters, this restaurant serves some of the best food I’ve ever eaten anywhere in the world. Browse the menu on the chalkboard at the entrance to the patio seating. Everything is a treat for your taste buds but one standout meal is the Saltfish Curry. Your mouth will thank you!

3. Little Bristol Beach Bar: With live music, rum punch and very tasty wings, the Little Bristol Beach Bar is a fantastic choice. Overlooking the beach, the bar is the perfect spot to chill out, have a few cocktails and lick the wings sauce off your fingers.

4. The Orange Grocer: After a night of drinking too much rum punch and Banks beer, a coffee spot with excellent homemade cakes may be at the top of your list. The Orange Grocer will not only satisfy your caffeine need but be sure to try out their delicious thin crust pizzas for dinner.

5. Bakery: Island bakeries are must visit places if you are after a local experience. Ask anyone on the street in Speightstown where the bakery is located and you will be directed to a small shop with many baked treats. The sweet bread and turnover are excellent choices.

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