How to Bring the Caribbean Back Home With You

We all know about those pesky post-vacation blues. but what if there was a way to lessen that after-beach bummed out feeling you get when coming back from an awesome vacation in the Caribbean?

Good news: there is!

You don’t have to live in the Caribbean to bring a little bit of the bliss into your everyday life. Here are three easy ways to bring your Caribbean vacation home with you and fight off those post-vacay blues.

1. Add Some Color

The Caribbean is incredibly well-known for its bright colors — from building walls to the interior decor itself, everything looks so cheery. So what better way to bring a bit of paradise home than to make your home look like paradise?

You don’t have to give your house a total makeover. Instead, think of small ways you can incorporate the colorful styles of the Caribbean. Perhaps add some colorful throw pillows to your living room sofa, buy a bright painting for your wall, or even bring back a unique keepsake from your trip that you can keep out.

I make it a point to find something bright and colorful, like a small bowl, while on vacation to bring a little bit of my trip back to my home. I keep it on my desk or somewhere like my kitchen counter, so I can be reminded of the sunny days in the Caribbean.

2. Get Your Cooking On

Can you really experience the Caribbean without experiencing the food? Of course not! So if you want to bring a bit of the Caribbean home with you, a great way to get started is by cooking up your favorite Caribbean recipes.

Whether you want to cook an authentic Caribbean meal or just enjoy a tropical cocktail while you unwind in the evening, there are so many delicious recipes out there that can help bring the taste of vacation to your own home. Grab a Caribbean cookbook, look online, or check out some our own favorite recipes on the blog here to get some inspiration for your new cooking adventure!

3. Adopt the Lifestyle

So much of vacation isn’t just about where we go… it’s about how we live while we’re there. Typically, we’re more relaxed and carefree when we’re away — especially if we’re hanging out beachside in the Caribbean!

One of the easiest ways to bring a bit of your vacation home with you is to keep doing the things you enjoyed while out of town. Perhaps it’s making time to read a book every day, or going out dancing with your significant other. Think of small ways you can incorporate that vacation lifestyle back at home, and watch the positive effects roll in!

Have other ways you bring the Caribbean back home with you? Let us know in the comments!