How to Plan a Caribbean Destination Wedding

So you’ve said “yes,” but the next question newly engaged couples often consider is where? The Caribbean offers an array of truly romantic locations to say “I Do.” With so many options, there are many factors that come into play when choosing the right setting for you. Here are a few tips to consider when planning your destination nuptials!

Elope or Invite

When you imagine your big day, who do you see sharing this moment with you? “Modern elopements” are an increasingly popular idea involving exclusively the couple, or sometimes a small group of family and friends. Other options would be to leave your guest list open to however many people are willing to travel to your location, or to choose a Caribbean resort package that accommodate a set amount of guests.

Brainstorm Your Dream Location

Sit down with your fiancé and talk about your location “must-haves.” Think of a special island you both love, or a new destination you’ve always wanted to experience together. Remember — destination doesn’t always have to mean getting on a plane. A Caribbean cruise is also a great way to get everyone “on board.”

Consider Guest’s Travel

Depending on where your priorities lie, guests could play a huge factor in your decision to host a destination wedding. Make a list of the most important people you want to attend and consider asking them if they would be willing and able to travel to the ceremony. Elderly parents or relatives with small children may not be able to commit to the travel, which could ultimately sway your decision. Luckily, the Caribbean islands start just 50 miles off shore of the US east coast. It takes just one hour by air to get to the Bahamas from Miami, and many other islands have a comparable travel time.

Weigh Your Pros and Cons

Sort out your pros and cons. Your search will help narrow your list of options based on the vision you have for your big day. For example, you may be stuck on a specific dates, but the flights are super high for St. Lucia at that time, or you learn Jamaica would be too hot for you during a July wedding. Once you have your top choice, consider the attributes and drawbacks of each potential location. As this list whittles down, you should be left with a top contender!

Be Ready for a Weekend of Fun

If you decide to have guests travel to a unique location, expect them to stay awhile. Like you, they also will be interested in taking in the sights and scenery. A great way to support and thank your guests for making the journey is to host wedding weekend activities. Most guests will fly in the day or so before the wedding so hosting a welcome dinner is a polite and fun way to greet them. Also, setting up a post-wedding activity such as a brunch or pool party the day after is a cute way to celebrate your first days as Mr. & Mrs. with the ones you love.

Are you in the midst of planning or have you already planned a Caribbean destination wedding? If so, share your own tips with us in the comments below!